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Mission Chinese Food Now Has ‘Twin Peaks’-Inspired Merch

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It’s “gear for the log mill”

Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga
Danny Bowien and Angela Dimayuga
Daniel Krieger

The Twin Peaks-obsessed crew at Mission Chinese have taken their too-cool-for-school aesthetic to the next level. Danny Bowien and the restaurant’s chef Angela Dimayuga have launched a whole line of merch, including lots of fonts inspired by the David Lynch show.

GQ is already obsessed with the long sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts, saying that it’s right in line with the trend of streetwear and logo-obsessions that’s popping up in the fashion world.

A bunch of Twin Peaks-named options say they’re inspired by “gear for the log mill,” including a neon-colored jacket, a white logo tee, and a hoodie. Dimayuga designed them with Colin Bergh of Toronto’s Bad Day Magazine, and the love for the show won’t be a surprise to anyone who’s snaked down to the Mission Chinese food bathroom to find a picture of Laura Palmer.

Other gear, designed with Oakland artist Jen Shear, says “Good Luck” over and over, intended to give off “Pac Sun vibes.” Popular MCF dishes like kung pao pastrami and mapo tofu are printed down the back.

Along with the addition of merch, Mission Chinese Food has finally made their restaurant website somewhat more usable. It used to be a take on a Myspace page, which was mad cute but frustratingly information-light, and now, it is a dusty pink thing with details like the current menu.