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Rosemary’s Expands With West Village Pizzeria

The Italian hot spot is branching out to pizza

Wade Moises and Carlos Suarez
Wade Moises and Carlos Suarez
Daniel Krieger

Turns out that fourth West Village restaurant that Rosemary’s owner Carlos Suarez is opening at 1 Perry Street will be a Rosemary’s Pizza. Set to arrive in November, the restaurant will center on Neapolitan-style pizzas and salads, created specifically to showcase ingredients from the Rosemary’s farm up in the Hudson Valley.

Suarez opened Italian pasta shop Rosemary’s in the West Village five years ago, and it has since become a hip neighborhood spot with a focus on its rooftop garden — with the owners duplicating the restaurant in Tokyo.

Now Suarez is stamping the Rosemary’s name on pizza with 11-inch Neapolitan pies from chef Wade Moises. Using pizza as “a canvas” for ingredients. Moises will focus on the toppings over the dough, with a clam pie and a mushroom pie on the docket.

Suarez made the decision to go with pizza because he doesn’t think there’s “a really great go-to” for pizza in the neighborhood. While he cites Joe’s as good for a slice and Rossopomodoro for a white tablecloth moment, as a resident he thinks a “very casual, family-friendly pizza spot that showcases great ingredients” is missing.

The old Bobo
The old Bobo

On top of the new pizzeria, Suarez is totally redoing Bobo, his 10-year-old first restaurant. “A lot has changed in 10 years, including my own interest and the marketplace,” he says. Suarez has personally become passionate about his upstate farm, and so he brought on consulting chef Frédéric Duca (Racines) to create a more produce-driven French menu. That’s in addition to a completely renovation for a more “French countryside” feel.

Bobo will reopen in September, and when the 50-seat Rosemary’s Pizza debuts in November, it will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Stay tuned for more.


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