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Danny Meyer Pizzeria Martina Will Bake at Least 90 Pizzas per Hour

The fast-casual restaurant is expected to open later this month

Martina Pizzeria Martina Pizzeria

When Danny Meyer and Co. open fast-casual Roman pizzeria Martina, they’re hoping to churn out a ton of pies — at least 90 per hour.

Nick Anderer puts in the first pizza at Martina

The restaurant’s chef Nick Anderer, who’s also executive chef at Maialino and Marta, started testing out the ovens at the East Village shop (198 East 11th Street) over the weekend, according to the restaurant’s Instagram stories.

As part of the test, Anderer said that they made 45 pizzas in one hour by putting nine pies in the oven at a time. Might sound aggressive, but he’s hoping to double that per-hour number this week.

Martina will be a counter-service version of Meyer’s popular Roman-style pizzeria Marta. People will be able to order a range of pizzas, meatballs, salads, veggies, and gelato. The menu will offer about 20 items total at costs that are low compared to Union Square Hospitality’s full-service restaurants. Here, some pies will cost about $7, while dinner pie at Marta starts at $19.

The company has not yet said whether it plans to replicate Martina as a fast-casual restaurant the way Meyer did with Shake Shack, but it wouldn’t be a total surprise. “In addition to high volume production, the restaurant will have other signifiers of fast-casual places, like the use of buzzers for picking up orders.

USHG is planning to open Martina, which will have 13 tables and a sidewalk cafe, later this month. Eater has reached out and will update with further information.


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