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Trump Is Totally Wrong About 21 Club, Restaurant Says

Plus, a new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant donates all profits to charity

Trump photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images | 21 Club photo by Daniel Krieger

‘21’ Club fact checks Trump

Last week, President Donald Trump reportedly compared the Afghanistan war plan to the 21 Club’s renovations in the 1980s, telling advisers that “their policy review process was like the renovations at ‘21’ Club in the ’80s wherein the restaurant hired a fancy consultant who closed the restaurant for a year but only ended up changing the kitchen a little bit.”

Now, 21 Club’s former owner and former CEO both tell the Post that there was no consultant and the restaurant only closed for six months. “I got a great kick out of reading about Trump’s comparison of our renovation to the war in Afghanistan, but everything he said is wrong. I think [Trump] has a psychological problem that only a therapist can define for you. I can’t,” former owner Marshall Cogan says.

A new altruistic vegetarian restaurant

Opening tomorrow at 246 West 48th Street is vegetarian restaurant P.S. Kitchen, which will donate all of its profits to various charities such as The Doe Fund, CEEDS, Share Hope, Defy Ventures, and Yunus Social Business. The owner of fast-casual vegan chain Terri is behind this one, which serves dishes like buffalo mushrooms and fennel sandwiches.

Filipino pop-up from Eggslut founder

While Los Angeles import chef Alvin Cailan prepares for a permanent location of his upcoming restaurant Paper Planes, he’s hosting some pop-ups of his LA Filipino spot Amboy. Next up is a barbecue on Thursday, August 10, with traditional Filipino grilled meats and fish with an “American Boy” flair, as Cailan describes it. Tickets here.

Which borough has the cleanest restaurants?

A report that no one needed finds that Brooklyn restaurants have the highest food and service violations out of any borough. It’s 4.17 violations per business, while Manhattan clocks in at 4.15, Staten Island at 4.09, the Bronx at 4.06, and Queens at 3.99.

Crazy Rich Asians author’s NYC restaurant picks

Author Kevin Kwan gets a Post profile this weekend on the publicity tour for his upcoming film Crazy Rich Asians. The story is focused on his NYC restaurant picks, which turn out to be Buvette, Tea & Sympathy, Red Egg, Sant Ambroeus, and PJ Bernstein’s.

Dining on a Dime returns to NYC

Here comes season 11 of Eater’s cheap eats series Dining on a Dime, set in none other than New York City:

21 Club

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