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An Astrology-Themed Bar Is Opening in Bushwick

Mood Ring will have something for every star sign

The neon sign at Mood Ring
Mood Ring

Come fall, a new astrology-inspired cocktail bar in Bushwick dubbed Mood Ring will be the only suitable place where strangers can ask “What’s your sign?”

Co-owners Bowen Goh and Vanessa Li — a Gemini and Scorpio respectively — plan to serve a rotating cocktail list highlighting the current zodiac sign, according to Bushwick Daily. They will kick things off with a Virgo cocktail, made with St. Germain, that will attempt to play on traditional Virgo traits like being analytical and thoughtful. Mood Ring will also serve wine and a limited menu of Chinese fare, though it’s not yet clear if that will be astrologically-themed, too. The look of the bar will take inspiration from the aesthetics In The Mood For Love, the 2000 classic from Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai.

Goh and Li tell Bushwick Daily they were equally inspired by a recent trip to Berlin as they were by their love of astrology. In Berlin, they came across collective DIY spaces — made possible by Berlin’s more navigable laws and permits — where locals could create artistic, of-the-moment spaces. The owners credit nearby bar Bossa Nova Civic Club as achieving that Berlin mindset.

There is not set date for the opening of Mood Ring, but September is the goal. Eater has reached out to Goh and Li. Stay tuned for more.

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