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Actor Danny Trejo Eyes NYC for His Popular LA Doughnut and Taco Shops

The ‘Badass’ actor is also a successful restaurateur

Danny Trejo
Trejo on Trejo
Wonho Frank Lee

Turns out prolific character actor Danny Trejo, most known for his Badass films, also owns several successful taco and doughnut shops in Los Angeles — and he’s eyeing New York City for a potential expansion.

In an interview on, Trejo says he’s considering not one, but two NYC spots for his Trejo’s Tacos and Trejo’s Donuts, particularly in an area with high foot traffic, likely to capitalize on his famous name.

But Trejo is also quick to note the importance of legitimately good food, because “everyone will come to see that celebrity the first time, but if the food’s not good, they’re not coming back — I don’t care what your name is,” he says. The LA location of Trejo’s Donuts sold out of the treats on its first day, and people still line up for them.

If Trejo’s Donuts opens here, New Yorkers will get both cake and yeast doughnuts, from apple fritters to chocolate crumb, as well as more inventive options like nacho, a yeast doughnut topped with cheddar cheese, jalapeños, and hot sauce. On the taco side, it’s standard fillings like carne asada, as well as the more unusual fried chicken and tofu — plus the “Machete” option of a lettuce wrap instead of a tortilla.

Trejo’s Donuts Wonho Frank Lee

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