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East Village Favorite Jimmy’s No. 43 May Permanently Close

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The owner needs financial help

Jimmy’s No. 43 Jimmy’s No. 43

East Village neighborhood fixture Jimmy’s No. 43 — known for its robust beer selection and a friendly vibe — may never reopen after this summer’s closure.

Owner Jimmy Carbone tells Gothamist that he’s looking for financial help to get the nearly 12-year-old subterranean bar at 43 East 7th Street back on its feet. He’s been on a month-to-month lease for two years, and things are getting rough. The bar and restaurant closed its doors earlier this summer citing renovations, but Carbone does not plan to reopen it unless he finds a business partner that can help pay back rent and a higher monthly rate.

“I’m in an uncomfortable position,” the longtime East Village restaurateur says.

The bar first opened in 2005, serving beer from then-small breweries like Sixpoint and ultimately building a reputation for offering an expansive indie beer selection. The food menu has changed several times over the years, at one point taking to Filipino small plates. It also had a stage that hosted performances from aspiring stand-up comedians.

The restaurateur blamed a variety of things for the change in business, including fees from the Department of Health and a downturn in business after the election for the changes. Still, he remains hopeful that it will reopen.

Jimmy's No. 43

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