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Crown Heights Fake Bullet-Hole Restaurant Owner's Apology Flames Anger

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She’s refusing to take down the wall

Summerhill Ian Stroud

The emergency town hall of controversial Crown Heights bar Summerhill took place on Thursday night, and sounds like owner Becca Brennan did not appease the residents who blasted her for advertising “Instagrammable” fake bullet-holes in her restaurant.

Summerhill, located at 673 Nostrand Avenue, has faced protests since Brennan sent out a press release that many residents considered racist. Local district leader Geoffrey Davis held the town hall in hopes of easing tension.

But Gothamist reports that Brennan — who spoke directly to angry locals for the first time last night — will not be taking down or covering up the wall in her restaurant, saying that she had “no ill intention” over the comment. “I’m sorry I have a sense of humor,” she told the heated crowd. When asked about feeling remorse, she also noted “I’m very sorry you were offended” — a line that also angered locals.

Some people expressed support for Brennan, and she told Pix 11 that she’s keeping the wall to “keep the integrity of an 100-year-old building.”

Still, protestors want the business to shut down, and on Friday, people started criticizing her latest response as unsatisfactory online.

See more about the town hall here.


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