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Bars May Soon Have an Advocate in City Government

Plus, Dirt Candy will transition to an all-women wine list

Bar Signs
The Ear Inn on Greenwich Street
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

“Office of Nightlife” bill passes

Following in the footsteps of cities like Amsterdam, NYC may soon have an Office of Nightlife and a Nightlife Advisory Board by December, assuming Mayor Bill De Blasio signs the bill. Both entities will help in navigating concerns between residents, bars, and restaurants, as well as serve as advocates on behalf of restaurants in regard to permitting and other regulations.

Since the bill was first introduced it’s been tied to the repeal of the cabaret license law. According to a Bedford + Bowery source, “...the passing of the Office of Nightlife and Nightlife Advisory Board bodes very well for the cabaret law repeal, which should ease the concerns of those who say the Nightlife Office’s efforts will be in vain if establishments offering dancing remain at risk.”

Champagne omakase, snacks, and records

Grub Street dives in to the follow-up Ariel Arce will open below her newcomer Air’s Champagne Parlor: Tokyo Record Bar is an idea she hatched with while working at (now closed) Riddling Widow for Ravi DeRossi. “My friend would spin and I’d do a Champagne omakase. We’d have a couple snacks. It became our most popular night.”

Tonight's #dropsofgod Come get it! #krug #champagne

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Women in wine

On the heels of switching to an all-tasting menu format, Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy has ushered in an all-women wine list, 50 wines from “estates where women are at the helm —whether they’re the winemaker, the vineyard manager, or the owner,” says Lauren Friel, consulting wine director. “We all have an individual responsibility to support underrepresented parts of society. But we can’t be ideological about everything — it also really just fit our concept.” The list rolls out in early September.

Fung Tu’s final days

With Fung Tu closing on August 31, the greatest hits tasting menu is in full swing. One consists of three courses ($45) while the second is five courses ($60). Expect braised beef short ribs, "China-quiles," and chocolate peanut butter sesame balls.

Asian fusion has a bad reputation — but it shouldn’t

Fung Tu’s chef Jonathan Wu weighs in: