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Eleven Madison Park’s Post-Renovation Reservations Go Live Tomorrow

Book a table now to see the revamp

Eleven Madison Park Daniel Krieger

Fine dining destination Eleven Madison Park closed this summer for its first renovation in more than a decade, and starting Friday morning, people can nab reservations for a first glimpse at the revamped space.

Reservations open up on Friday, August 25th at 9 a.m. for a table at the updated version of Will Guidara and Daniel Humm’s tasting menu restaurant. EMP will actually open in early October, though an exact date won’t be available until tomorrow morning.

The cost of the eight to ten course meal will remain $295, and tickets must be paid for in advance. People can also reserve spots for the five-course bar tasting menu at bar tables, which cost $145 per person.

Other bar seats are first-come-first-served and have an a la carte menu. That might be a move for people who aren’t ready to spend $300 up front on a table, anyway. Earlier this year, the restaurant duo said that they planned to redesign the bar to make it feel more like a lounge. It’s one aspect of the restaurant that will see more change.

Guidara and Humm closed the restaurant on June 9th with a huge rager, shortly after they earned the top spot on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. During the renovation, they sent staff to the Hamptons for EMP Summer House, which will close on Labor Day.

Eleven Madison Park

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