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‘Club Kid Killer’ Shockingly Not Welcomed at Ritzy Le Cirque Party

A socialite was “not happy” with his presence 2015 Holiday Party - Arrivals Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for

Looks like infamous ‘80s and ‘90s nightlife promoter Michael Alig’s return to NYC social life still isn’t a smooth ride.

Page Six reports that Alig — who recently served 17 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter for killing fellow “club kid” Andrew “Angel” Melendez — was not a welcome guest at a society luncheon at Le Cirque. Socialite Jean Shafiroff was hosting an event at the ritzy Midtown French restaurant and was reportedly “shocked” and “not happy” about Alig’s presence. She then declined to comment on the situation, saying “he is a former killer and body chopper” and didn’t want him “coming after me.”

Alig has had a few rough starts since returning to public life. He received backlash and even death threats when he decided to have a party celebrating his release from prison. He also arrested for smoking meth and trespassing in a Bronx park.

Still, that hasn’t stopped him from staying in the party scene. He continues to host weekly “Outrage Party” events, which he has previously said are intended to “mock the internet and social media outrages du jour.” He also considers them “artistic statements.”

Maybe Alig will end up turning a different town into party central. According to a story in real estate magazine Luxury Listings — which Alig said is “one of the few to actually get things right” — the promoter is living in a four-bedroom loft in Paterson, New Jersey for free because the landlord is a Party Monster fan who wants Alig to turn Paterson into a “new East Village.”

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