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Trump Supporter Tipped the West Village Bar Where He Cried Discrimination: Suit

The Happiest Hour claims the man spent more than $200 at the bar

the happiest hour Nick Solares

The man who claims he was denied service for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat spent nearly $190 and then tipped at the West Village bar — proof that servers did not discriminate against him for being a Trump supporter, the bar now claims.

Philly-based man Greg Piatek sued cocktail and burger hotspot The Happiest Hour earlier this year, claiming that employees refused to serve him in January because of his hat supporting president Donald Trump.

But the bar shot back in court with receipts showing that Piatek paid for an $181.91 bill with Miller High Lifes and vodka drinks — and added a $36 tip, about 20 percent of the bill after tax, according to Gothamist and the Post. Happiest Hour owner Jon Neidich called Piatek’s lawsuit “a publicity stunt” and said that the tip showed that the man must have been “sufficiently pleased with his service.”

Still, Piatek’s attorney will be moving forward with the discrimination lawsuit, he tells the Post: “It just happened to be his particular card that was on the tab. He was in fact refused service and we stand by that.”

The Happiest Hour

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