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Great Jones Cafe Reopens Tonight Despite Word of Closure

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An employee apparently cried wolf

Great Jones Café
Still kicking
Nick Solares

Despite reports of its closure, longtime NoHo Cajun-Creole restaurant Great Jones Cafe will spring back to life tonight. Last week was filled with announcements of its permanent closure, but the beloved neighborhood institution put those fears to rest with a Facebook post that it will reopen at 5 p.m. on Wednesday after a week off.

The reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated. After a week off, we reopen Wednesday, August 2nd at 5PM. See you then !!!

Posted by Great Jones Cafe on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The saga started when a rogue employee inaccurately posted on social media that the restaurant’s lease had expired, when in fact the closure was always temporary for owner Jim Moffett to attend to a health issue. He’s now better, and back in the restaurant which spruced itself up a bit with some new paint in the bathrooms while it was dark.

Regarding the lease, Moffett tells Eater that it is in fact up soon, but that his landlord wants Great Jones to stay. “We’re on good terms with the landlord. The current lease has a bit of time left on it, but the landlord has indicated that he likes us and wants us to stay,” he says. “A lease renewal should not be an issue.”

While the landlord seems to be on Great Jones’ side, he is pushing for the restaurant to keep up with the times — which included giving the beloved jukebox the boot (“But we still have good music!” Moffett says.). With the freed-up space, Moffett is installing a second back bar, which for now is where the changes will stop.

“For now, I think we’ve had enough change. The outpouring of support and apparent love for the Great Jones Cafe which happened last Wednesday shows that people really do love the place,” Moffett says. “We decided, right now, there’s been enough change. We’re reopening tonight with same menu, the same prices, and the same look.”

Great Jones Cafe

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