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Critically-Acclaimed LES Tamale Restaurant Gets a Bigger Home

Plus, an update on the Midtown food vendor knife fight

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Factory Tamal
34 Ludlow Street
Factory Tamal/Instagram

Check out Factory Tamal’s bigger digs

Tiny tamale parlor Factory Tamal has moved around the corner to occupy a bigger space. It’s now open at 34 Ludlow Street, and in honor of the occasion, the Times’ Ligaya Mishan offered a review of the tamales, which are “beautifully fluffy, clingy and crumbly at once.”

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Slashed Midtown food vendor is okay

The Post has more details on the knife fight between to rival food cart vendors in Midtown this week. Fruit vendor Sameh Barsoon is now back to work after Khandaker Joy cut him in the abdomen when Barsoon confronted Khandaker about setting up shop directly across the street. Another nearby vendor says, “He don’t know the rules in the streets. We have to respect each other. That guy don’t respect the rules.”

Martial arts film star and Queens restaurateur in the spotlight

Queens restaurateur Angela Mao (Nan Bei Ho, Shiba Hotpot, New Mei Hua) has a secret past as martial arts film star, which the Times outed last November. Now, to honor her career, the Lower East Side’s Metrograph theater is holding an Old School Kung Fu Fest this weekend which will show Mao’s movies. Mao herself will introduce one tonight.

Schiller’s really is gone

Talk about a dose of reality: Bowery Boogie has photos of an emptied-out, now-closed Schiller’s, filled with relics of years gone by. The Keith McNally (Balthazar) neighborhood mainstay shuttered last week after a rent hike.

A Nakazawa surf and turf dinner

Sushi Nakazawa’s Daisuke Nakazawa and Salt + Charcoal’s Tadaaki Ishizaki are teaming up to put on a surf and turf meal at Nakazawa this Sunday, August 20. The $150 dinner will have dishes like scallop with yuzu kosho, iri sake and bottarga, crab cakes topped with wasabi cream and shrimp oil, five pieces of nigiri, 40-day Jyukusei-grilled sirloin and A5 Wagyu sirloin. Call to reserve.

Alphabet City’s Dojo Noodle House is on a break

Dojo Noodle House (formerly named Dojo Izakaya) has a sign in its window announcing a temporary closure until September. Stay tuned for more.

Here’s how Chicago does tamales

In Chicago, there’s a super elusive tamale guy, and Dining on a Dime tracked him down: