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People Are Actually Taking This Cheetos Restaurant Seriously

It was packed on opening night

The Spotted Cheetah is now open and serving our first fans! #Cheetos #TheSpottedCheetah

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New York City currently has to suffer through a restaurant dedicated entirely to Cheetos that’s — of course — funded by the synthetic snack brand. The cheese crisp company signed on TV chef Anne Burrell to create an “elevated” menu at The Spotted Cheetah that employs Cheetos in every dish — and New Yorkers are eating it up.

The pop-up completely sold out, and its opening night yesterday was packed with people posing for Instagram and downing Cheetos nachos and mac and cheese. Diners flooded social media with cheesy excitement for the branded dishes, and inexplicably, much of the crowd was full of food writers from People, ABC News, Bloomberg, and Rachael Ray. Here’s what went down:

Anne Burrell and Chester twinning:

I'm here at the opening of #thespottedcheetah! Which dish would you want to try?

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Security was on hand:

Cheetos restaurant pop-up. (Don't get too excited. It's completely booked. )

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Throwback drink Crystal Pepsi quenched the Cheetos thirst:

I'm partying like it's 1991 so hard.

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Cheetos branding was inescapable:

exclusive preview of the toilet paper at the @cheetos pop-up!

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And the food was very, very bright: