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Queens’ Arepa Lady to Close as Building Razed for Mixed-Use Apartments

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She’s looking for a new location

Areperia Arepa Lady
Areperia Arepa Lady
Alan A./Yelp

The development of a mixed-used apartment building will force Queens street food favorite Arepa Lady to shutter her brick-and-mortar store at 77-02A Roosevelt Avenue. The restaurant shared on Twitter that permits were approved to raze the building, meaning there’s just six months left for the areperia at that location.

Arepa Lady — aka Maria Cano — started as a street food stand at 79th Street & Roosevelt Avenue in Queens and eventually added a permanent location around the corner due to its popularity. Now, after opening there for just three years, Cano’s family will look for a new location.

Cano has taken a step back from the business, and her son Alejandro Osorio has stepped up to run operations, Grub Street reports. He is looking for a new location in the Jackson Heights area, as well as keeping things going at the new Dekalb Market Hall and original cart locations.

Eater has reached out to both Arepa Lady and building developer Magnus Capital Partners to learn more. Stay tuned.