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Pizza Hero Buys Pies to Fuel Trump Protestors

It unsurprisingly went over well

Thousands of New Yorkers have converged upon Trump Tower to shout their disapproval of America’s current NY-bred president — and turns out, free pizza helped fuel them. Volunteer and local hero James Yeh, along with his friends, fed the hungry, passionate crowd 10 pizza pies yesterday.

Yeh did it as a way to ensure people could stay at the protest as long as possible, he says. Since Williamsburg Pizza is his local shop, he approached them and was able to buy the food at cost. It’s not the first time he has brought Williamsburg Pizza to a rally, and unsurprisingly, it always goes over well, he says.

“People were really excited and quite grateful for it. A lot of people laughed and took photos. I’m not going to overstate its importance, but it is a small gesture,” Yeh says. “So much of what this administration has done has been infuriating, endangering, and terrifying frankly, and people are really angry about that. But we thought at least they won’t be hungry.”

Once the pies were gone, people swiftly used the empty boxes as protest signs. New Yorkers came out in numbers starting around 5 p.m. to display their disapproval of President Trump and his administration. The crowd reportedly dispersed about four hours later, after Trump arrived at his NYC home.

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