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All-Cheetos Restaurant Pop-Up Is Already Sold Out

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Plus, a Brooklyn food hall now offers room service

Meatballs with Cheetos
Meatballs with Cheetos
The Spotted Cheetah

Cheetos restaurant is one hot ticket

Believe it or not, reservations are already gone for the pop-up Cheetos restaurant from TV chef Anne Burrell. Dishes all include the synthetic snack, like “purrfectly fried green tomatoes” that come with a white Cheetos crust and “Cheetos Sweetos crusted cheesecake,” a goat cheese cheesecake with a sweet Cheetos in the crust. There’s no luck at a table now, but here’s a hot tip: Head to a nearby bodega and just buy a bag.

Now-dead Cup & Saucer came back to life

Despite closing this summer due to a rent hike, longtime Chinatown coffee shop and diner Cup & Saucer reopened for a few hours. The activity was for upcoming Netflix show Maniac starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, and the luncheonette was used for a scene. The show, about a mental hospital patient who lives a fantasy life in his dreams, will debut in 2018.

Brooklyn food hall now offers room service, sort of

Forget Caviar — Brooklyn’s Gotham Market at The Ashland is now providing food from the vendors in the food hall to residents in the luxury apartment building above the market. Though it’s being billed as room service, residents have to actually come to the lobby to pick up food ordered online from options like Malai ice cream, Boqueria tapas, and Mason Jar barbecue.

West Village restaurant throws swimsuit party

West Village restaurant Gardenia is not about to let the season slip away quietly. To squeeze the most out of the dog days of summer, the Mediterranean spot is throwing a “Less Is More” party in which the dress code is swimwear. It’s bringing beachy vibes inside, encouraging people to strip down as they sit in the sand and sip watermelon cocktails. Five dollar tickets are available here for the Tuesday, August 15 party.

Two imminent openings

The ninth location of NY-born coffee shop Birch Coffee is opening at 171 East 88th Street, set to debut on Tuesday, August 22. Plus, Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen is opening a gourmet market of the same name this Thursday, August 17 at 121 Madison Avenue with Pat LaFrieda meat, Balthazar bread, Black Seed Bagels, and more.

Skull-themed Mexican restaurant opens in Bushwick

Bushwick’s newest restaurant addition is Calavera’s (234 Starr Street), a margarita-heavy Mexican restaurant with a particular penchant for skulls (“calavera” means skull in Spanish). There’s also a simple menu with tacos, quesadillas, and gorditas.

Have a choco taco

For Taco Tuesday, here’s a primer on how the choco taco came to be: