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NYC’s Longest Bar Opens Next Week

Plus, fried chicken destined for St. Mark’s

Oscar Wilde
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

Going the length

Touted as the city’s longest bar at 118.5 feet and named for the Irish playwright, Oscar Wilde is opening on August 16 in Nomad (45 West 27th Street). Owners Tommy Burke and Frank McCole of Lillie's Victorian in Times Square and Union Square have put together an elaborate 5,000 square-foot venue, with a fireplace from the 1840s, inlay from Ireland’s Hope Castle circa 1700s, and porcelain from Gosford Castle (also a location for Game of Thrones). Look for 300 whiskeys and 32 beers on tap. The first week is evenings only with lunch rolling out the end of the month.

Take it from our guests to seek the extraordinary - just view every corner of our interiors.

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Taiwanese fried chicken on St. Mark’s

Another location for Cheers Cuta great spot for fried chicken — is opening in the former Friterie Belgian Fries (35 St. Mark’s Place) which closed after less than two years. The fast-casual menu includes seafood and bento boxes.

A new Taqueria Diana debut

Former Meatball Shop manager Matthew LaRue has been working on opening a Taqueria Diana at 69 Clinton Street in what had been a pawn shop, a follow up to the original at 129 Second Avenue that opened in July 2013. The third location is on track to open Friday, says Bowery Boogie, serving nachos, tacos, elotes, and more.

More joe for Astoria

Kinship Coffee has opened a second branch in Astoria, a 60-seat shop at 32-14 Steinway, following the first one that owner Stanley Rivera opened at 30-05 three years ago. It’s offering light breakfast as well as made-to-order and to-go sandwiches.

And last. . .

After seven years, Bushwick City Farm is closing at the end of the month for development. The site has been a spot for events and gatherings and offered free eggs and produce to a handful of local families.

Bagels for breakfast. . . .

The soothing rhythm of bagels as they’re made: