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Authorities Shutter LES Bar Where Underage Woman Was Trapped Overnight

The NYPD reportedly slapped Boss Tweed’s Saloon with over 40 violations

Boss Tweed’s Saloon
Boss Tweed’s Saloon
Jackie S./Yelp

New York City authorities have reportedly seized Lower East Side bar Boss Tweed’s Saloon following the accidental overnight lock-in of an underage woman in July. The New York Police Department, State Liquor Authority, Department of Health, and other city and state agencies convened to shut down the party bar, resulting in 40 police department violations and 20 SLA infractions, according to Bowery Boogie.

It all stems from the New Jersey law student who woke up one early July morning to find herself locked inside Boss Tweed’s, located at 115 Essex Street near Rivington Street. Police had to cut the 20-year-old out of the bar, and she later alleged that her drink — which was illegal for her to have in the first place — had been drugged.

The bar stayed closed for a few days following the much-publicized incident, but it reopened last Thursday, which is when authorities swooped in, according to reports. The Multi-Agency Response to Community Hotspots, a program designed to handle bars with documented complaints, reportedly went into effect here.

Eater has reached out to Boss Tweed’s and the NYPD for more information; stay tuned.