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Where Can a Dieting Bride Dine Out Without FOMO?

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Advice for a sugar-free, dairy-free bride-to-be

Hearth Nick Solares

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Hi Eater,

I'm trying to find places to eat while I'm in NYC the week of my wedding, sticking to my basic pre-wedding diet: no dairy, no added sugars (fruit is fine), and generally low carb. Atla and Made Nice are already on my list, but I want another hip, new restaurant that would also be willing to accommodate my diet — preferably one that I might want to go to if I weren’t dieting. Williamsburg and lower Manhattan preferred. Oh, and I hate Dimes.

— Bride On a Mission

Hey Bride,

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Your diet honestly sounds like a painful number of restrictions, but I get it. Godspeed.

Have you tried the new version of chef Marco Canora’s restaurant Hearth, yet? It’s not technically new, but he revamped it not so long after a personal health crisis. Basically he started eating fewer processed flours and sugars, and shortly after, he decided to translate that lifestyle to the restaurant, too.

The menu is divided by fish, vegetable, meat, offal, and the item that Canora recently became famous for popularizing, broth. (There’s a grain section too, though that’s less relevant to you.) Typically, restaurants that cater to people on diets are boring AF, but Canora is not just any chef and Hearth is not just any restaurant. He’s an East Village stalwart, and after his revamp, it’s been widely hailed as a great restaurant. This year, he even earned the James Beard Award for best chef in the city, a judgment that shows the industry respects him as one of the top players.

Some of your restrictions go beyond what’s on Canora’s menu, but the staff will likely be helpful in pointing out what will make the cut. Anyway, lots of people go even if they’re not on a diet, and word is that Hearth does not disappoint.

Good luck,



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