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Ikinari Will Sprinkle Three More Steakhouses Without Chairs in NYC

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They’re in Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen

Ikinari Steak Nick Solares

The Japanese steakhouse chain without chairs Ikinari is already making good on its promise to expand like mad in New York City — they soon plan to open at least three new locations in Manhattan.

The company has applied for liquor licenses in locations in Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea, at 368 West 46th Avenue, 154 7th Avenue, and 96 Eighth Avenue, according to the agenda for Manhattan Community Board 4. Earlier this year, the company’s stateside operator Takashi Tsuchiyama said that they plan to open at least 20 locations in Manhattan within the next five years, calling it a “conservative target” for growth.

The restaurant’s first stateside location opened in the East Village at 90 East 10th Street in February. Like at the more than 100 outposts in Japan, people order various cuts of steak by the ounce and then dine while standing up. It’s a method that founder Kunio Ichinose says cuts down on the cost of good steak by increasing turnover. Here in New York, a 10.6-ounce of sirloin costs $24 at lunch.

It’s been fairly popular, with people lining up at dinner time to try it.

The company did not immediately have additional information about the new locations. Stay tuned for more.

Ikinari Steak

90 East 10th St., New York , NY 10003