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New Fast-Casual Restaurant Wants to Make Eating Lettuce ‘A Lifestyle’

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Local Leaf opens next month with lettuce wraps

Local Leaf Local Leaf

A puntastic new restaurant called Local Leaf is banking on lettuce wraps being the next big thing in fast-casual. The Kips Bay restaurant serving lettuce wraps, lettuce cups, and salads (also with lettuce) declares that the menu of greens is “not just a meal, it’s a lifestyle.”

The restaurant is expected to open at 440 Third Avenue, between 30 and 31st Street, on Thursday, August 10. Like competitors such as Sweetgreen, local is the focus, which the brand reinforces with the motto “beleaf in local” on the website.

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Partners Jon Mizrach (former catering businessman), Rick Bender (Tabla and Jean-Georges kitchen alum), Solomon Choi (launched 16 Handles froyo in NYC), and Shaun Goodman (accountant) say in a statement that they want Local Leaf to be an all-day, “health-conscious” restaurant with “eye-catching” food.

A menu provides base options of Swiss chard lettuce wraps, Bibb lettuce cups, salads, and green crepes — all of which can be customized with a variety of grains and toppings like quinoa, sweet potatoes, and spice-roasted cauliflower. Four “signature” pre-made recipes include options such as a “West Coast,” in which diners can stuff their lettuce with wild grain mix, seitan al pastor, tomato, black bean falafel, tortilla crumble, and a Tabasco-lime dressing.

Local Leaf also offers a “Hydration Bar,” which offers smoothies, juices, kombucha, and teas.

For breakfast, the restaurant has bowls with acai, yogurt, or oatmeal. They’re on the Local Leaf Instagram page in Mason jars.

Take a look at the full menu below.

Local Leaf menu Local Leaf

Local Leaf

440 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016