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Bouley Bids Adieu to New York City After 30 Years

Chef-owner David Bouley has plenty of projects in the works

New York Culinary Experience Private Dinner Honoring Chef David Bouley Hosted By New York Magazine
David Bouley
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for New York Magazine

Monday, July 31 is the final day for longtime Tribeca French restaurant Bouley, the original fine dining restaurant chef-owner David Bouley ran and kept relevant enough to earn three stars from the New York Times as recently as last year.

NYT critic Pete Wells called the restaurant “silly,” “not trendy,” and “delicious,” and it can be perfect sometimes, too. He wrote, “Yes, perfection. Bouley can skim within sight of it on the right night with the right people. At other times, it’s clear that the restaurant can’t maintain a single-minded focus on doing absolutely everything right.”

Now, Bouley has closed the apple-filled restaurant and will use it as a private event space instead, while focusing his attention on a myriad of other projects. Next up is B at Home, a wine bar with food in the Flatiron District at 31 East 21st Street, next door to where he recently relocated his test kitchen. His other restaurants — Brushstroke, the Bouley Test Kitchen and Bouley Botanical — are business as usual, with lunch starting at Bouley Botanical in August.

Bouley’s influence is perhaps most profound in the family tree it has sprouted. Chefs from the Bouley kitchen have gone on to open Blue Hill at Stone Barns (Dan Barber), Le Bernardin (Eric Ripert), Annisa (Anita Lo), Milk Bar (Christina Tosi), and more.


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