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Meryl Streep Does Tequila Shots Up in Harlem

Plus, the first review rolls in for The Grill

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Meryl Streep
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Meryl Streep apparently loves her tequila

During an reported break from filming The Papers, in which she plays Washington Post publisher Katharine “Kay” Graham, Hollywood queen bee Meryl Streep dined out in Harlem at Row House with the movie’s crew. According to the Post, the 15-person group downed tequila shots and ate wings, fries, and deviled eggs “for hours.”

New York magazine gives The Grill two stars

Crotchety New York magazine critic Adam Platt has filed his review of The Grill, the luxe Four Seasons Restaurant revamp by Major Food Group (Carbone, Parm). He praises the makeover, but calls some of the food “strained,” like “the much-praised ‘pasta à la press,’ which, after more tableside drama, turns out to be a simple helping of pasta mingled with bacon fat and the surprisingly bland juices of an unfortunate duck, squashed in a giant silver press.” Platt also takes issue with the “insane” prices. Two (out of five) stars.

Replacement already found for Rockaway pizza vacancy

Now that one-of-a-kind Rockaway pizza joint Slice O’ Whit has shuttered following a twisted, crime-filled story, a new vendor is moving into the space in Jacob Riis Park. Cuisine by Claudette, a health-focused American restaurant that already has a location at Beach 116th Street, will take over.

A South Bronx community garden focuses on the food of Puerto Rico

The New York Times published a sweet story on the community gardens of New York City, particularly one in the South Bronx tended by Efrain Estrada, a Puerto Rican whose father was a farmer. Estrada reportedly “grows so many peppers, eggplants, okra and squash that he sends the extras to his relatives in Puerto Rico.” In recent years, city public gardens have skyrocketed, thanks to an over $2 million increase in GreenThumb’s budget.

Nothing can separate this man from his fried chicken

Police are on the hunt for a fried chicken thief who blew into Texas Chicken and Burger in Mott Haven last week and shoved a cashier who tried to stop him from taking a few pieces of chicken and an entire tray of biscuits. Rather than steal fried chicken, though, how about just make some? Eater’s Clifford Endo explains how: