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Williamsburg Restaurant Battles Landlord Jared Kushner After Construction Issues

La Nonna’s owners claim it hurts business

La Nonna
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

The owners of Williamsburg Italian staple La Nonna are knee-deep in a legal battle with their landlords, including a company that’s owned by President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The Daily News reports that owners Cono and Anna Morena have stopped paying rent due to poor conditions in the building. Kushner's holding company has now filed a petition in court that could get the restaurant at 184 Kent Avenue evicted, saying that La Nonna owes $72,783 in back rent.

The Morenas’ biggest complaint is that ongoing construction has created noise that interferes with dinner service. They also claim that water damage from a fire hasn’t been addressed and that scaffolding has hurt business by preventing outdoor seating and blocking the restaurant’s sign.

The formerly 330-unit rental building was purchased by Kushner Companies for $275 million in 2015, along with two other developers. It has since been converted into luxury condos. This is the same building that reported mice in a crib before the Department of Health ordered the company to address the problem. Residents also claimed the building repeatedly shut off the heat and hot water without notice.

The Morenas opened the restaurant in 2014.They also owned La Nonna’s Pizzeria, now closed. Eater has reached out to the owners.