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Gelato Sushi Is the Next Phase in NYC’s Insane Ice Cream Craze

Plus, where to eat Thai ant larvae in NYC

Gelarto’s gelato sushi
Gelato sushi

An Italian take on sushi

“Fresh farm-raised Swedish fish” is the selling point on top of the “gelato sushi” at new gelato shop Gelarto in the East Village (145 Avenue A). Luca Grassi, who has been making gelato in Italy since 1986, is also offering the classic gelato on brioche.

Thai ant larvae not for the faint of heart

In this week’s Hungry City, New York Times critic Ligaya Mishan explores Playground in Woodside, a Thai restaurant that doesn’t hold back on spice or flavor. The standout dish is red weaver ant larvae, an apparently common meal in the Isan region of Thailand, in which “creamy white” eggs that “look as harmless as quinoa ... deflate softly in the mouth, somewhere between a squish and a pop, tasting faintly of the mango leaves their parents once fed on.”

McDonald’s extra-value meal has ties to Mission Chinese

In a first-person essay out on Munchies, Mission Chinese executive chef Angela Dimayuga shares the story about how her father unwittingly invented the McDonald’s extra value meal. It’s a personal take on what that meant for her and her family, and how it’s shaped her own career.

Say hello to NYC’s second Wagamama

Now that New York City has had a taste of London-based Japanese ramen chain Wagamama, it’s time for more. EV Grieve spots brand-new signage up at 55 Third Avenue, where the second location will make its debut. No word yet on when, though Danny Meyer’s Martina is making similar progress just around the corner, and that opens in August.

Papaya King ups its soda game

Known for its snappy hot dogs and tropical drinks, Papaya King is adding bottled sodas to its roster. Now available at all locations are old-timey Papaya King-branded bottles in five flavors: grape, pineapple, black cherry, orange and vanilla cream.

A whole-animal feast at Dirty French

Roasting an entire pig is a peak summer activity, but it’s also a pain in the ass. So Dirty French is doing it for you and turning the Berkshire pig into seven different dishes. Trotters with sauce gribiche, “Boar’s Head” sandwiches, Vietnamese sausage, smoked pork shoulder, and more are all on the menu.

Up close and personal with Cosme’s corn husk meringue

Mexican restaurant Cosme’s slightly savory corn mousse wrapped in a sugary husk meringue is one of New York City’s 20 most perfect desserts. Here’s how it’s made: