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Long Island City Survey Finds Neighborhood Is Hungry for More Restaurants

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A status update on the neighborhood’s dining scene

Long Island City
Long Island City

Apparently Long Island City is craving more new restaurants. Development group Long Island City Partnership found that 19 percent of the more than 1,300 surveyed residents consider restaurants one of three top pressing needs in the neighborhood, with more than 33 percent of people saying they ate or drank out one to two times a week, AM NY reports.

That need will only grow. About 10,000 new homes are set to hit the area over the next decade — a number that will double the current number of residences. With those new hungry mouths to feed will come a slew of new restaurants: sushi spot Sapps, brick-oven pizzeria Levante, cafe Indie Food and Wine, one from Top Chef Season 7 runner-up Ed Cotton, Argentinian restaurant R40, Williamsburg’s Black Star Bakery, and more.

The neighborhood is currently home to a few now-essential NYC restaurants, like Mu Ramen, Casa Enrique, and M. Wells Steakhouse. Recent months have seen the addition of hot spot Unico Global Tacos, rooftop Estate Garden Grill, and the ultimate sign of a popping restaurant scene: a poke shop, this time from Pokelicious.