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Greenwich Village Bistro French Roast Shutters Overnight

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Plus, a longtime East Village tapas bar says its goodbye

French Roast French Roast

Another longtime restaurant bites the dust

Greenwich Village restaurant French Roast had its last call overnight. The bistro at 78 West 11th Street opened in 1993 and was once one of the few restaurants in the city to stay open 24 hours. Celebrities like Alec Baldwin and Uma Thurman were once regulars, but it also was a place for locals, too. It was once part of a chain, and a location on the Upper West Side remains open.

After nearly a decade, an East Village tapas bar closes

Pata Negra is closing its doors after service this Saturday. The Spanish tapas and wine bar at 345 East 12th Street opened in 2008 and was considered a charming sleeper restaurant in the neighborhood. Owner Rafael Morto has previously talked about how hard it is to run a business there, saying that it’s simply difficult to make money. The last day will be July 29th.

David Bouley sets the last day for his Tribeca restaurant

David Bouley’s flagship restaurant Bouley in Tribeca will officially close on Monday. The chef and owner announced last year that he would be shuttering the restaurant, though he will keep the space for private events. He plans to reopen a smaller version of it at 17 Harrison Street.

Controversial hookah bar gets to stay open

Lower East Side hookah bar Mazaar Lounge will get to keep serving booze even though residents rallied against it earlier this year after a slew of violations, loud music, and “unruly revelers.” The State Liquor Authority renewed its liquor license but fined the owners $20,000.

Critic digs the new Cuban sandwiches at Whole Foods Harlem

Steve Cuozzo at the Post found that the new Whole Foods in Harlem is packed with people — and that the $9 sandwiches the upscale grocery is selling at stand called Cuban Coffee “touches all the right flavor bases.” Both the ham version and a vegetarian version with avocado are “flavorful and satisfying.”

As if fancy restaurant burgers weren’t already getting out of control...

The Bedford has apparently decided to create a burger where the bun is made out of fried mac and cheese. Major side-eye here. Take a look instead at the Peter Luger burger, one of the few fancy burgers in the city that’s actually worth trying: