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Hamptons Teen Who Was Punched at Chef-Studded Event Gets Concussion

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He’s apparently in bad shape

Michael Loeb’s house
Michael Loeb’s house at 1610 Meadow Lane in Southampton

The teen who claims he was punched by a Wall Street honcho at a chef-packed event in the Hamptons is apparently in pretty bad shape.

Page Six published photos today of 18-year-old Avery Arjang, who went to the hospital with a broken nose and a concussion after private equity investor Michael Loeb allegedly decked him at a Ribs for Kids event last weekend. His attorney now wants Loeb to be charged with a felony for the attack.

The event was held in a Hamptons mansion that has been featured in Showtime show “Billions” and was hosted by chef Jonathan Waxman and attended by chefs like Marco Canora, Floyd Cardoz, and Shane McBride. Loeb allegedly punched Arjang because the teen’s drunk friend threw up and peed at the multimillion dollar waterfront property. He was charged with a misdemeanor and denied all allegations.

But looks like Arjang is planning to fight for tougher charges. His attorney claims Loeb ran toward Arjang even after an ambulance showed up, and his mother says that the teen will need as many as three surgeries to recover.