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Schiller’s Officially Sets Closing Date in August

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The LES neighborhood restaurant will shutter due to a rent hike

Schiller’s Daniel Krieger

The final day is set for Keith McNally’s Lower East Side neighborhood restaurant Schiller’s Liquor Bar, which his family announced earlier this year would close after a 14-year run. Fans now have until August 13 to return to the restaurant at 131 Rivington Street, according to Bowery Boogie.

McNally and co. revealed in May that they would be closing the restaurant at some point in August, saying that the cost to renew the lease was too high. It first opened in 2003 and quickly became one of the mainstays of the Lower East Side, as well as an NYC icon. It found its way onto Saturday Night Live title cards and the cover of novels.

Schiller’s has been one of McNally’s most divisive restaurants, with middling reviews from critics for the food but an obsessive and dedicated base of regulars. As one former regular wrote: “For me and my friends in the early 2000s, Schiller's was the refuge that filled our glasses and fed our souls when we were fighting for our dreams while bouncing rent checks.”

Eater has reached out to the McNallys.

Schiller's Liquor Bar

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