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The Best Quotes From GQ’s Indulgent Eleven Madison Park Mini Documentary

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It’s basically an EMP porno

Eleven Madison Park

To chronicle the temporary closing and renovation of the world’s number one restaurant Eleven Madison Park, GQ has created a mini documentary on the process. Called Pushing Perfect: Eleven Madison Park, it’s surely meant to be a serious look inside the logistics of pulling off this endeavor. But the reality is that it’s a more indulgent advertisement, with dramatic classical music and tight food shots a la Chef’s Table, plus a healthy dose of bro hugs.

The press release for this press release of a video describes it as an “in-depth profile” on chef Daniel Humm and co-owner Will Guidara “as they take the biggest risk of their hugely successful careers by shutting down the restaurant to renovate and improve upon their unrivaled supremacy in the food world.”

Here are some of the best quotes from the 18-minute video, which you can watch in full below.

“Our entire world is completely reeling out of control. Tonight we pay our respects to this room. Sunday we tear it down.” — Guidara

“For me, an empty plate is such a beautiful thing. Like an empty piece of paper or a white canvas. Anything is possible.” — Humm

“I think it’s so important that we have opportunities to improvise. We talk about Miles Davis all the time. You play the song, but then you get to take your solo. That’s where no two shows are ever the same.” — Guidara

“What’s different about tonight is it’s the last time any of us are going to be in this space together and doing dinner service. Tonight is a little bit reunion, a little bit celebration, a little bit nostalgia, and it’s just gonna be electric. It’s the biggest rock concert any of us could ever be a part of.” — Billy Peelle, general manager

“This place has a special soul. And this soul has to be really protected.” — Humm

“Right now is the last moment where this place [EMP Summer House] is truly ours... In like twenty minutes it’s not totally ours anymore. In twenty minutes we give this gift to the world... In twenty minutes we’re gonna stand back and watch the world freak out when they experience our creation.” — Guidara

Eleven Madison Park

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