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Real-Life Ratatouille Cutely Terrorizes Union Square Pie Shop

It’s a Disney nightmare come true

Well, this is just something else: A Gothamist tipster spotted a rat — yes, a rat — happily munching along inside the food display case at Union Square pie shop Mighty Pie.

The hungry rodent made his move around 9 p.m. on Monday night, according to Ahmad Saad Ragab, who documented the incident on Twitter, naturally.

In recent years, the New York City food world’s unofficial mascot has become the beloved pizza rat, that pie-toting rodent popping up around NYC subways and beyond. Is this the same little guy, brazen from his newfound fame? Or has another rat caught on to the game?

Either way, the Department of Health told Gothamist it will investigate, and for its part, Mighty Pie has stayed mum so far.