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Nightlife Impresario to Open Healthy Restaurant in Former Other Music Space

Broken Coconut will have coconut juices, of course

Winick Realty Group LLC / Broken Coconut
The illustration from the listing for 15 East 4th street
Winick Realty Group LLC / Broken Coconut

The co-founder of celebrity destinations like 1Oak is turning his attention to a health-conscious restaurant called Broken Coconut.

Scott Sartiano has signed on to take over 15 East 4th Street — the former space of longtime Noho record store Other Music. The nightlife impresario was one of the founders of both 1Oak and Butter, both clubs and clubby restaurants known for attracting celebrities like Rihanna.

Bowery Boogie first spotted Sartiano’s name on the federal trademark documents for the new healthy eating spot, and a member of the restaurateur’s team confirmed that Sartiano is working on something in the space.

Details are still slim on what will actually be served there, but the tagline for the restaurant is “Eat Pretty.” The trademark files say that it will offer “coconut-based non-alcoholic beverages not being milk substitutes,” and a sample menu has items like a quinoa parfait.

According to a real estate listing for the commercial space, no cooking is allowed. It may have since changed, though it’s also possible that healthy eating means a menu full of raw stuff.

It’s a big changeover for the space. Other Music was known as one of the best indie music shops in New York City, surviving for years even as corporation Tower Records closed up shop across the street. It closed last year after 21 years in business.

Stay tuned for more.

Broken Coconut

15 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003