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The interior of a restaurant with a semi-circular bar in the front, a marble pillar in the center and several tables and chairs spread throughout.

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Chinatown Dim Sum Favorite Jing Fong Adds Petite Upper West Side Location

It's the first new location in 40 years

The Upper West Side location of Jing Fong opens today, offering limited hours and a limited menu. It’s smaller than the flagship on Elizabeth Street, the Chinatown mainstay known for its dim sum carts and lively brunches. This is the first expansion since Jing Fong opened its first location nearly 40 years ago in Chinatown.

The 2,000-square-foot space at 380 Amsterdam Avenue is more modern in design than the Chinatown outpost, often likened to a banquet hall. The new digs still feature Jing Fong’s trademark red, but there are softer touches of white and wood panels throughout. Toward the back, a 12-seat counter overlooks the open kitchen that flanks the 50-seat dining room. An outdoor patio seats an additional 40.

When the Lam family bought the restaurant in 1993, they later moved Jing Fong to its current Chinatown home at 20 Elizabeth, which occupies over 20,000 square feet. Menu items from the flagship like Peking pork chop, honey walnut prawns, and beef chow fun have all made the trip to the Upper West Side.

Jing Fong UWS will officially open Wednesday, July 26 offering dim sum all day, every day. Take a look around the new digs below, and let us know what you think if you stop by.

Steamed dumplings in two yellow bamboo holders. Nick Solares/Eater NY
An overhead photograph of two wooden steamer baskets filled with dim sum dishes. Nick Solares/Eater NY

Jing Fong

202 Centre Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 964-5256 Visit Website
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