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Brand-New Eater London Already Throws Shade at NYC Dining Scene — and More Intel

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Plus, Middle Eastern dumplings are ready for the eating

Ellie Foreman-Peck

Introducing Eater London

Attention, attention: For the first time in four years, Eater has launched a new local site — and its first outside North America. Please give a hearty welcome to Eater London, which is full of maps, guides, news, and is perfect for any London travel needs. . . right this way. From the start, the site is making a strong statement, arguing that the NYC dining scene has stagnated. Cue the outrage.

Middle Eastern dumpling shop opens in the West Village

After throwing kubeh dinners at Bar Bolonat, chef Melanie Shurka has opened a full-fledged restaurant centered around the Middle Eastern dumpling. Kubeh, as it’s called at 464 Sixth Avenue, offers a choice of five types of dumplings and four types of broth, plus a few mezze, including kibbeh, a similar dish.

Maman’s Soho retail shop debuts

The space next door to French bakery Maman’s Soho store (237 Centre Street) has transformed into a retail version of the bakery. Called Marché Maman, it’s full of flowers, childrens’ clothing, ice cream, food from Maman, and more. It opens on Thursday, July 13 daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

A Broadway jazz brunch

Broadway stars convene for a series of boozy jazz brunches at The Lambs Club this July and September. The full schedule of performers and menu is here, and it kicks off with School of Rock on July 16.

Factory Tamal on the LES gains some space

Just six months after opening, Factory Tamal on the Lower East Side is moving to a larger location. Its new home, full of $3 egg sandwiches, pressed sandwiches, and salads for $7 to $7.50, will be 34 Ludlow Street, as of August 10.

In honor of Eater London’s launch

Watch Eater’s Lucas Peterson devour what he calls the Katz’s pastrami of London: