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Fuku Wall Street’s Menu Has a Handful of Healthier Options

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Kale salad and pulled chicken bowls hold it down

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Fuku Wall Street
A glimpse inside

It’s under two weeks until fast casual fried chicken sensation Fuku makes its Wall Street debut, so friends and family test meals are currently under way. Eater happened to stumble into one, catching a peek at the latest menu and space under Momofuku’s growing umbrella.

New to this location’s menu are items with a healthier focus, clearly meant to play to the working lunch crowd. A baby kale salad with fried chickpeas, puffed rice, pickled red onions, and radish in a yuzu vinaigrette leads that charge, but there’s also a pulled ginger chicken bowl with sugar snap peas, broccoli, and kimchi over brown rice.

The spicy chicken sandwich with bacon and ranch
The spicy chicken sandwich with bacon and ranch
Kale salad with chicken bites
Kale salad with chicken bites

Fries here are thick waffled chips with a fluffy inside, and as promised there are white meat chicken fingers. Nighttime brings a whole fried chicken with sauces, fries, kimchi, pickled daikon, and more.

The sleek space is larger than other Fukus, with considerably more seating. Though no opening date has been set yet, it’s apparent that it’s quickly approaching. In the meantime check out the full menu below, and stay tuned.

Fuku Menu by on Scribd


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