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6 New Blue Bottles Will Flood NYC

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Coffee and liege waffles for everyone

A rendering of the WTC location
A rendering of the WTC location
Blue Bottle

San Francisco-based coffee chain Blue Bottle is on an East Coast expansion tear, with six new locations set to debut across New York City. That will give the coffee nerd favorite a grand total of 15 stores in NYC alone, as soon as this coming fall.

The World Trade Center Memorial location (55 Cortlandt Way #1400) will be the first to open this summer and it has been given an “unobtrusive” design (above): That means 30-foot ceilings with almost entirely glass walls and Blue Bottle’s signature blonde wood and whiteness.

Grand Central (60 East 42nd Street) and University Place (101 University Place) will also open this summer, followed by Midtown East (10 East 53rd Street) late summer, and TriBeCa (396 Broadway) as well as Williamsburg (North 4th Street) in the fall.

The rapid expansion follows the debut of its 15,800-square-foot Bushwick store which also serves as its local roastery and cupping room. Locations will also open in Washington, D.C., Miami, and Boston.

Here in NYC, that moves Blue Bottle out of the leagues of Birch Coffee and Grumpy’s eight stores each into the next level of Gregory’s 23-store domination and Joe’s 15 stores. It’s a race to see who will be the third-wave Starbucks.

Blue Bottle Coffee

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