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Nas Has Quietly Become a NYC Food Promoter

He’s conveniently also an investor in Sweet Chick

Nas and his BFF Nas
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for The Estate of Tupac Shakur

With an album in the works, rapper Nas is on a public relations tour, and while the focus should probably be on his music, it’s food that comes up over and over again. In a New York Times profile, Nas — who is an investor of trendy chicken and waffles purveyor Sweet Chick — seems to have more interest in Pearl’s Bake & Shark, a Caribbean restaurant in Williamsburg, than he does in his album.

Yet the whole thing also reads like one big cross-promotional play, because Pearl’s is owned by Fallon Seymour, the wife of Nas’ business partner in Sweet Chick. So of course the profile finds the space to mention Sweet Chick, too.

Nas often Instagrams from the restaurant, which is both here and in Los Angeles. Yet he has also taken to sprinkling in food photos from across NYC into his feed. Is Nas the next big NYC food celebrity? Let’s take a look.

Exhibit A: Here he is eating a vegan bleeding Impossible Burger at Crossroads:

Vegan! The Impossible burger at Crossroads

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Exhibit B: Caribbean food makes another appearance

Exhibit C: Then there was that time he ate exactly one oyster at The Grill:

Oysters poppin #thegrill #seagrambuilding

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Exhibit D: Of course he also gives lots ... and lots ... and lots of love to Sweet Chick:

Knight enjoying the new ricotta pancakes with the whipped macadamia butter @sweetchicklife

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We see you, Nas.

Sweet Chick

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