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The Grill’s Bid for Power Lunch Will Have Rib-Eye Cheeseburgers and Custom Old Bay

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Reservations are now live for lunch

The Grill Gary He

Reservations are now live for the June 19 debut of lunch at The Grill, the retro-American chophouse from Major Food Group in the former Four Seasons space — aka the most major power-lunch restaurant of the last century.

The menu will be similar to the dramatic dinner one, though several new lunch items will be added. Mario Carbone, the chef manning this kitchen, will be serving a cheeseburger made with rib-eye, American cheese, and “a baked to order bun,” according to MFG’s Jeff Zalaznick. Other new, more lunch-friendly dishes will include a steamed lobster with a Carbone version of Old Bay seasoning, cold-poached salmon with pickles, summer pasta, grilled jumbo shrimp, and a chicken club sandwich.

A full menu will be released soon. Lunch in The Grill room start at 11:45 a.m. and stretches until 2 p.m. on weekdays, and the bar will remain open between lunch and dinner.

Carbone, Zalaznick, and Rich Torrisi started dinner in the beginning of May, but the biggest draw of the restaurant in the landmarked space previously was the lunch crowd, a composite of the most powerful people in media, business, and politics.

Famous Four Seasons fans like Martha Stewart weren’t shy about their displeasure toward landlord Aby Rosen when he decided to hire MFG, and the start of lunch at The Grill will be scrutinized for whether the legacy of power lunch will continue.

Meanwhile, The Pool — a seafood restaurant run by Torrisi in the room with the iconic interior pool — and an accompanying lounge will open toward the middle or end of July, Zalaznick says. In between the The Grill and The Pool, there is a wall of plants:

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Stay tuned for more.


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