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Michelin-Starred Piora Is Temporarily Closing

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The chef-partner is decamping for the West Coast

Chris Cipollone, left, is leaving New York.
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

Tomorrow night after service, Simon Kim is temporarily closing the Michelin-starred Piora, the restaurant he opened with Chris Cipollone, who is leaving New York to work on the West Coast. Kim will continue to operate the newly opened Cote in Flatiron, the Korean steakhouse he opened in early June at 16 West 22nd Street.

The plan is to hire a new head chef for Piora and to revamp the menu for a late-summer reopening.

Cipollone, meanwhile, has not revealed yet where he’s landing or what his plans will be. Could they have anything to do with his weekday pop-up, Cippolini?

Cipollone and Kim opened Piora in 2013, following a two-week trip to South Korea — where Kim was born and raised — after having known each other for only a couple months. There, they ate seven meals a day and drove around the country gathering ideas for their upcoming restaurant. The two originally met when Kim went to Tenpenny, where Cipollone was cooking.

We’ll keep you updated on what’s next for Piora and Cipollone.


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