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Fuku FiDi Starts Serving Lunch Next Week With Du’s Donuts in Tow

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Get ready for David Chang-branded fried chicken breaks

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Fuku Wall Street Stefanie Tuder

Now sprinkling itself into the FiDi fast-casual lunch mix of Sweetgreen, Dig Inn, Chop’t, and so much more is Fuku, which will open for the midday meal starting Wednesday, July 5. Sneaker designer David Chang of Momofuku is the chef here, putting out the menu of fried chicken sandwiches and fries known from the restaurant’s other locations.

Wylie Dufresne with some Du’s doughnuts
Wylie Dufresne with some Du’s doughnuts
Nick Solares

Since the Wall Street location (110 Wall Street) is geared toward a working crowd, healthier options have been introduced in the form of salads and bowls. Plus, a partnership with Wylie Dufresne’s Du’s Donuts shop in Williamsburg will bring the meticulous pastries to this location, with all-new flavors just for Fuku. Du’s will drop doughnuts — $3.50 each — off daily, so there’s a limited number to start.

Hours will be from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. — all menu items will be available, with the exception of chimek, sold for dinner only. As a reminder, the full menu is below.

Fuku Menu by on Scribd


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