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‘Golden Girls’ Cafe Owner Sued For Sexual Harassment by Former Personal Assistant

The assistant claims LaRue groped him

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Rue La Rue Rue La Rue

The man behind the “Golden Girls”-themed cafe is being sued for sexual harassment by a former personal assistant.

Michael J. LaRue, who opened the Rue La Rue Cafe in Washington Heights earlier this year, is being accused of behavior like grabbing his former assistant Henry Campbell’s butt, talking about his genitals, and mentioning his sexual preferences, according to the Post.

Campbell claims in the lawsuit that LaRue fired him after he complained about the treatment.

LaRue denied the allegations and claims that Campbell only filed the lawsuit to retaliate after the restaurateur refused to give his former assistant cash for rent. “He was inept,” the owner said of why he fired Campbell.

The restaurant opened in February and is filled with memorabilia from the cult beloved show about three sassy ladies. LaRue was close friends with the late actress Rue McLanahan, who played Blanche Devereaux on the show, and she left him lots of “Golden Girls” items, including an Emmy, a few iconic outfits, and photos.

In addition to all the gear, the bathroom is designed to look like the one from the show, and the menu has on-brand items like lots of cheesecake. It’s already become a big draw for obsessive fans of the show.

Rue La Rue Café

4394 Broadway, New York, NY 10040