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Midtown’s Stage Door Deli Sues Landlord Over Basement Shitstorm — and More Intel

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Plus, Essex Street Market was filled with street art last weekend before its razing

Stage Door Deli
Stage Door Deli
Triece D./Yelp

Stage Door Deli had a fecal matter issue

Vaguely Jewish diner Stage Door moved away from its original Penn Station home to Hell’s Kitchen (360 Ninth Avenue) in 2015, and quickly dealt with reportedly unforeseen pipe issues. The restaurant is suing its landlord, alleging that he didn’t maintain the pipes properly, causing the basement to flood with “sewage and fecal matter” in July 2016. The basement was then unusable, and caused “both substantial health concerns and damage to food products, food supplies and food preparation areas,” according to the complaint, DNA Info reports.

Art fills Essex Street Market before its razing

Essex Street Market’s former building is set to be razed, and artists took advantage of the empty space. This weekend, 11 murals were on display from various street artists such as Hanksy, BKFOXX, and Elle. The current market location is open for another year before it moves into its snazzy upcoming home across the street.

Three new female ice cream makers

AMNY has a sweet spotlight on three new female ice cream makers in Brooklyn who will sell their goods at trade show Brooklyn Eats this Friday, June 30. Noona’s Ice Cream from Hanna Bae focuses on Korean flavors like toasted rice and strawberry perilla, while Island Pop from Shelly Marshall takes inspiration from Trinidad for flavors such as soursop and sapodilla. India is the country behind Malai from Pooja Bavishi, with masala chai and rose as two flavors.

Lidia Bastianich inspires yet another play

Napoli, Brooklyn” opens off-Broadway this week, and PBS star and Italian chef Lidia Bastianich plays a part, albeit behind the scenes. To help her get in character as an Italian immigrant mother of three in the 1960s, actress Alyssa Bresnahan consulted with Bastianich, who immigrated to the U.S. as a child in 1958. The Daily News has a video of the interaction. Bastianich was also the subject of a musical called Marry Harry last month.

Minnie’s joins the Lower East Side

Minnie’s, a new American comfort food spot, opens Tuesday, June 27 at 29 Clinton Street. There’s limited information on who is behind the restaurant and what exactly it will serve. No liquor license and no reservations for now, though it is listed on Resy, so they are probably to come.

At-home gnocchi

Here’s how to get a taste of Lidia Bastianich’s food at home:

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