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Seamore’s Basement Rum Bar Rocks Open Today — and More Intel

Plus, Japanese restaurateurs eye the East Village

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Fishbone Fishbone

Rum bar below Chelsea Seamore’s makes its debut

Seamore’s owner Michael Chernow is opening the basement bar below the Chelsea Seamore’s tonight. Called Fishbone, it focuses on rum, with cocktails, frozen drinks, and a by-the-glass list. Bar-below-restaurant is a favored move for the restaurateur see: Underballs beneath his Chelsea Meatball Shop. Check out the full menu below.

Nur’s bread is becoming a star in its own right

With the Breads Bakery team behind new Middle Eastern hot spot Nur, it’s no surprise the bread is already getting recognition. Besides having a fan in Eater senior critic Robert Sietsema, now the Times’ Tejal Rao dives deep into the restaurant’s kubaneh, or Jewish Yemeni croissant-like, pull-apart bread.

Japanese restaurateurs add okonomiyaki to the East Village

Get ready for Dokodemo, which EV Grieve caught is opening at 89 East Fourth Street. Owners Shin Takagi and Kazu Kamehara have been running restaurants in Japan for more than thirty years, and this is their first location outside Asia. It’ll have okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and yakisoba on a very slim menu in a casual environment.

Queens food vendor hit by car

In what seems like a freak accident, a Queens fruit vendor was hit by a car trying to parallel park and his legs were pinned. He is now in serious but stable condition at the hospital.

The Queens Night Market surprises, thrills, and inspires, critic says

In this week’s Hungry City, Times reviewer Ligaya Mishan heads to the Queens Night Market, where she finds what she considers the most “surprising, thrilling and inspiring” open-air food bazaar in NYC. Your move, Smorgasburg.

Instagram bait food

Seamore’s food sure is pretty. Does that mean it’s good?

Fishbone Menu by on Scribd

Seamore's [Chelsea]

161 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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