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See the Snazzy Renderings for DaDong, China’s High-Profile Roast Duck Chain

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The Bryant Park outpost of the Michelin-starred restaurant opens this year

Da Dong’s third floor dining room
Da Dong’s third floor dining room
Da Dong

One of the most anticipated openings of the year will likely be the first U.S. location of DaDong, a roast duck chain in China that’s known for delivering one of the best versions of the classic Beijing dish — and now, some renderings of the bi-level space in Bryant Park are out.

The chain, which has multiple locations with Michelin stars, is not opening the New York outpost until mid- to late-December, according to chef and owner Dong Zhenxiang, but the drawings of the dining room show that it’s a part white-tablecloth, part lounge-y affair. One floor will be more formal dining, while a lower floor will be casual. The restaurant also has an outdoor terrace and lounge space. Overall, more than 400 people can pack into the restaurant.

Da Dong
Da Dong’s roast duck
Da Dong

Dong says in an interview that he’s been eyeing new locations abroad for quite some time. The chef has been in the business for 35 years, and now, he owns ten locations in Beijing, four in Shanghai, and another in Chengdu.

Regulars and fans in China started asking for an outpost stateside, and the 3 Bryant Park location made sense, he said. It’s in the same building as the new Midtown Whole Foods and the MetLife offices.

Here, the flavors and menu will be similar to the ones in China, but they’ll be using ducks from a farm in Indiana, Dong says. It will cost $98 and feeds up to four people. Besides the duck, the restaurant offers a slew of cold dishes, soups, and entrees from across China, some with a dose of French and Italian fine dining influence. The Michelin guide recommends such dishes as a braised sea cucumber with scallions and braised oxtail.

The flagship dish, though, is that roast duck. Dong says he thinks the reason his duck has become so prized is that it’s less greasy than other versions without sacrificing on flavor. “It’s not that oily,” he says, “But it’s very fresh and fragrant.”

Take a look at renderings of the space below, and stay tuned for more:

DaDong’s third floor dining room
The third floor dining room
Photo via DaDong
Da Dong’s second floor terrace
The second floor terrace
Da Dong
Da Dong’s second floor lounge
The second floor lounge
Da Dong
Da Dong’s second floor dining room
The second floor of Da Dong
Da Dong


3 Bryant Park, Manhattan, NY 10036 (212) 355-9600 Visit Website

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