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Daniel Humm Went Majorly Geeky for the EMP Summer House Lobster Boil

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The secret is in the mix

It wasn’t until a few years ago, “during a trip to harvest salt in Amagansett,” that Swiss-born chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park had his first lobster boil — and now he’s making his own at EMP Summer House, the Hamptons pop-up he’s opening with Will Guidara this weekend.

“At first I was sitting out there, and I’m like wow, wouldn’t it be cool if we could at Eleven Madison, one of the courses we just dump food and that’s your course,” he says.

The detail is part of Newsday’s paywalled article that doles out more info on the opening of “The House” and its 120 person-staff in East Hampton that runs through Labor Day. The rundown on the site includes some shots of a few dishes like the luxe lobster boil, fluke ceviche with cucumber and radish, and tomato salad with strawberries and almonds.

Turns out the spice combination for the lobster boil was “months in the making,” incorporating “ground fennel, rice vinegar powder and three kinds of pepper, adding notes of sweet, smoke and spice,” that’s sprinkled over the boil right after it’s dumped on the table.

That sandy-looking mix is “arguably a liberal representation of the beach,” reports Newsday, “but also a savory blend of flavors that adds an addictive kick to the lobster, clams, corn, spicy Italian sausage, potatoes and, really, just about anything it touches.”

Stay tuned for details on the weekend opening.

Panorama of the outdoor setup at EMP Summer House
Jean Schwarzwalder

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