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What's a Semi-Cheap Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn for a Carnivore and a Dairy-Free Date?

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For a meal before a movie at BAM

Deniz Deniz

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Hi Eater,

I'm looking for a semi-cheap dinner before seeing a movie at BAM. I'm going with my friend who's a big meat eater and not picky. He always finds amazing, semi-hidden places for us to eat. He likes all different kinds of food — he just moved here from Hawaii a couple years ago and is probably more aware of all the different food cultures in New York than I am. Oh, and he loves sweets too. We eat a lot of sweets together. It gets slightly complicated because I don't eat meat (I do eat seafood, though). I also don't really eat dairy (terrible, I know) so no pizza.


Culinarily Complicated in Brooklyn

Hi Culinarily Complicated,

Let’s see — lots of meat but also fish in a semi-secret dining spot: check. One diner comes from Hawaii, by which I assume no bad poke is permitted. The sweets part is easy enough, since it can be fulfilled with a candy bar from the bodega, apres-meal. Close to BAM, too, which is in the middle of a comparative restaurant dead zone. But the thing that really stumps me is semi-cheap: What does that mean?

Let me assume it means you’re willing to pay around $25 per person and suggest you hit up Deniz, a nice Turkish restaurant around the corner on Fulton Street, approximately three blocks from the BAM movie theater. A gyro platter for him, some grilled shrimp or a salmon kebab for you, sided with rice or French fries and a salad. With a brown-top pudding for dessert, it’s a meal that won’t leave your stomach growling. What movie are you seeing, BTW?

Let me know how you like Deniz.



662 Fulton St, New York, NY 11217 (718) 852-6503 Visit Website

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