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Fuku FiDi Makes Its Fried Chicken-Filled Arrival Tonight

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There are also salads and bowls at this location

An employee at a restaurant carries a tray with fried chicken and sides.
The whole fried chicken feast
Ian Stroud

The fifth location of Momofuku’s fast-casual fried chicken chain Fuku flings open its doors this evening on Wall Street for dinner only. Though there are plenty of other places to give David Chang your money, this store adds salads and bowls to the menu for the first time, as well as bing bread from Hot Bread Kitchen.

Fuku Wall Street
A peek inside
Stefanie Tuder

It’s the largest Fuku yet, with seating for a sit-down dinner and eventually at lunch for those who can unchain themselves from the desk. Caviar delivery will launch soon as well. This location takes the best of the others — off-menu items like the Koreano sandwich with daikon radish that have become permanent — and combines it with that new Hot Bread Kitchen partnership, which Chang hopes will eventually replace all of the Martin’s Potato rolls. The challenge is that the bakery doesn’t use preservatives.

The hot ticket item here is the whole fried chicken feast, served only for dine-in at dinner and accompanied by m’smen (Moroccan flatbread), cottage fries, kimchi, pickled daikon, and all the sauces. Chang’s calling it Chimek, a reference to late night Korean fried chicken and beer meals that are part of the country’s drinking culture. At $42, it’s more budget-friendly than Noodle Bar’s version, which costs $150 for two-fried-chickens. Here, a six-pack of Miller High Life ponies can be added for $12.

Fuku opens for dinner tonight at 110 Wall Street from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., with expanded hours coming soon.

Fuku’s whole fried chicken Ian Stroud


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