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Martha Stewart’s Date Stuck Her With the Bill at Le Bernardin

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Guess no one’s immune to a bad date

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It’s usually restaurants that have to deal with dining and dashing, but a recent date left lifestyle queen Martha Stewart having to foot the bill. It happened at three Michelin-starred Le Bernardin, no less, where picking up the tab is no small feat — unless, perhaps, you’re Martha Stewart.

Still, she rightfully found the experience “extremely rude,” as she told Town & Country:

I went to the lounge area at Le Bernardin with this guy. He had to go somewhere afterward, and I had to go somewhere after. It wasn’t a first date, but it was like a second or third date. We each had places to go; he did not ask me to go with him to the second place. We had cocktails and a little caviar or something. Then he just got up and said he had to run, and he ran out and didn’t pay! And I thought that was extremely rude.

Depending on how you look at this situation, it’s either glass half full — everyone has bad dates! — or half empty — if even the fabulous Martha can’t get a good date, who can?

Le Bernardin

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